Indo Schöttle

Terms and Conditions


1. Our Purchase Order Number with date and vendor code should be quoted in all correspondence. Our Purchase Order Number and Item Code number of the material involved should be mentioned in all challans, bills and other documents related to the supply.

2. In order to constitute the “contract of supply” as complete, supplier will have to confirm the Purchase Order within 10 days from the date of order, failing which it will be deemed, to have been accepted by the supplier.

3. No withstanding the above, a supplier may be required to enter into a supply agreement on stamp paper for which a format will be given by the company.

4. Strict adherence to the delivery schedule is absolutely essential. Company reserves the right to the Purchase Order as cancelled in the event of noncompliance.

5. A Purchase Order for Open Quantity does not oblige the Company to accept the delivery of any quantity at any time. Firm delivery schedule will be intimated in writing from time to time which will be strictly followed. Further the company reserves the rights to suspend drawing up and communicating such delivery schedule, for periods continuously or intermittently and for reason/s as fit, may deem fit. During such suspension, no delivery will be accepted.

6. Delivery challan cum invoice in duplicate with original invoice should accompany all suppliers. The drawing /Part No./Item Code No. and description should be shown exactly as in our Purchase Order to avoid confusion. Failure to comply with these instructions would delay receipts and ultimate settlement of bills.

7. Challans should be made separately for each Purchase Order. Invoice should be submitted in duplicate. More than one invoice should not be made for items delivered against a single challan. Payment shall be made only for material accepted by us.

8. We assume no responsibility for goods supplied in excess of the specified quantity.

9. The material on receipt will be inspected by us and rejections will be notified. Such rejected material from our Stores within six days from the date of intimation unless otherwise agreed to by us. It may be noted that while assembling or processing, if further defects are noticed, we reserve the right to reject such material even if in the first instance it has been accepted by us and /or paid for. Our decision about such rejections at whatever time made shall be final and binding upon you and you will not object to it in any manner whatsoever. All packing, freight, handling costs, transit insurance and/ or any other cost of such will be borne by you.

10. Whenever the goods are rejected, corresponding debits will be raised in your account with us and debit note will be sent to you. These debits must be cleared immediately, failing which will be at liberty to recover the cost thereof otherwise.

11. Designs, Drawing, Sample, Technical Data, Tooling, Gauges etc. given to you by company are SFS Group India Private Limited exclusive property and shall be retained by you in safe custody and industry confidence. The designs, drawings, samples, technical data, tooling, gauges etc. will not allowed to be copied, duplicated, modified, passed on or revealed in any manner. They will be returned to company without demur.

12. The items manufactured by you from data furnished by us must not be sold or diverted by you to any other party. If you manufacture in excess of the schedule quantities, you shall preserve the same, for ultimate sale for us on demand, if any party except with our written consent. The same condition applies to supplies rejected by us at various stages.

13. Part similar to, manufactured for us should not be manufactured by you. You shall also not cause them to be manufactured any any one else.

14. We reserve the right to amend, alter or cancel the Purchase Order any delivery schedule without assigning any reason and without in any manner incurring any liability on the company.

15. The prices, terms and conditions mentioned in Purchase Order will be taken as firm and cannot be changed except to extent specially agreed to under written amendment to Purchase Order.

16. Packing, Forwarding, cartage and freight charges will be borne by you unless otherwise stipulated in the Purchase Order.

17. All bank charges etc. will be borne by you if payment required through bank.

18. The Company will not be responsible for any Purchase Orders placed or instructions given by any unauthorized persons.

19. In case of any Purchase Orders for components against our material, the supply of components must be effected within the limits of percentage rejection allowance agreed to by us failing which cost of the material used into rejected components will be recovered from you.

20. The Purchase Order/Contract shall be deemed to have been entered into at Pune and Pune, India Courts will have jurisdiction in all maters arising out of Purchase Order/s.