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We take safety seriously. All equipment, layouts and processes have been designed with safety in mind. PPEs, including uniforms, aprons, safety shoes and goggles are mandatory in the workplace. All our plants are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment like fire fighting systems etc. to handle emergency situations. We also have an on call doctor and an emergency vehicle with a driver available 24 hours. Safety is first and foremost a mindset. To drive this, we conduct periodic safety awareness sessions including mock drills, emergency situation handling, first aid training etc. for all plants. Our safety committees keep a regular tab on all potential safety issues.

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Use of Solar Energy

12% of our total energy requirements are generated through solar power. We have a capacity of 434 KWp through solar panels at all plants covering an area of 4748 SQ.M.

Energy Conservation Projects

Usage of sky pipe lights and innovative methods for air circulation are some of the ways that we have used to optimize energy usage on the shop floor.

Tree Plantation

We celebrate World Environment Day by organizing tree plantation drives across all our plants. There are a total of 2180 trees across all the Indo Schöttle plants.

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Employee health and wellbeing is a primary concern of ours. By organizing health camps, blood donation drives, health awareness sessions, weight watch competitions and so on, we encourage our employees to give priority to living a healthy and stress free life.

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