Indo Schöttle


Precision Machining

Indo Schöttle’s expertise in Precision Machining has been mastered over a period of three decades. Through our engineering excellence and infrastructure in Precision Machining, we have, over the years, successfully collaborated with a wide range of customers, enabling them to meet constantly evolving, stringent regulatory norms for emission and safety standards. The work we have done with our customers, both in India and overseas, has placed us in a leadership position in a highly competitive marketplace. Our customer base is diverse and spans across the Automotive, Industrial and Aerospace verticals. Application segments include: Engine, Turbocharger, Fuel Systems, Fluid Power and Safety.

Our integrated manufacturing, coupled with our logistics solutions and customer focus, enables us to consistently deliver true value to our customers across the globe. Some of our key processes include in-house heat treatment, matched assembly, deburring and clean room which complements our core competence in precision machining. Our belief in constantly staying up-to-date with best-in-class manufacturing and measuring equipment and a highly skilled, trained and motivated workforce with a focus on innovation sets us apart as truly world-class. With a global perspective drawn from SFS, we are well set on our journey from Precision to Ultra Precision!

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